I’ll start by saying bluntly that I’m not much of a journal keeper. I’ve started one on several occasions, but quickly lost interest. Blogging, however, interests me. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum: There is the potential of an audience to read and respond to what you have to say. I also feel rather guilty about not having a blog. For many years I have borrowed bits of information from blogs, found technical support from bloggers, and made purchase decisions based on blogger reviews. I feel as if I owe the community back for all that I have taken.

I’m in the process of starting a business (and near the tail-end of a bachelor’s degree in business – Management Information Systems (MIS)). I have years of experience in many of the internet technologies and even more experience with numerous hobbies, arts, and crafts. I have helped people in many forms of communication with these topics in the past (both online and offline) and I have started this blog so that I can share what I know and learn from the people who are kind enough to respond to my posts.

Since I have such a jumble of interests, this blog will reflect that in a way that will possibly only make sense to me. In my world, designing sites, knitting a sweater, binding a book, and writing a business plan are all tied together in a way that defines me. To anyone dropping by this blog, it will, perhaps, seem disjointed. Perhaps, in time, I will focus more on one set of topics and less on the others and a main theme will give a central focus to this place. In the meantime, I welcome anyone to follow along with the chaos and awkwardness of a new blogger trying to find their way in a world they have only silently visited before.

That being said, I apologize for my years of greed: Taking from the blogging community without giving back. It is time I make amends and share some of my knowledge with the community. Perhaps you will learn something from both my successes and my failures as I try to turn some of my hobbies into a business.

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